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Model RFP Process Introduction

Court Technology Model Request for Proposals

Court administrators have been interested in assistance with technology acquisition for many years. Although written materials and educational programs on this subject have been developed in the past, none have provided comprehensive instructions and examples covering the full range of procurement management for technology products and services.

In 2000, the Joint Technology Committee of the Conference of State Court Administrators and the National Association for Court Management appointed a subcommittee to develop a model RFP. Ron Titus of the Nevada AOC chaired this subcommittee. With funding from a Bureau of Justice Assistance grant SEARCH and the National Center for State Courts jointly provided staff assistance to prepare this model RFP document to assist court administrators and court technologists with technology acquisitions. It has been developed with World Wide Web technology to allow expansion and improvement as new and better examples are provided.

This document consists of three layers, the topmost of which is the table of contents, shown at the left. By selecting any link in this table, a reader can find a specific topic quickly.

The second layer, this document, consists of a detailed explanation of RFP issues that was developed by James R. Maher. This material appears (in slightly different form) in two publications of the National Center for State Courts: Planning, Acquiring, and Implementing Court Automation (1993); and Automating Court Systems (1996). This information can be read sequentially for an excellent overview of technology purchasing in the court environment. The original material was oriented to a RFP for a case management system. In this document the RFP format has been expanded to address three types of RFP, case management system (CMS), professional services, and commodity items.

The third layer currently consists of sample RFPs used to illustrate concepts in the explanatory materials. These documents also can be read sequentially, but can be used equally effectively as examples of the second-level materials. Hypertext links connect explanation with example, providing a drill-down capability to readers.

It is hoped that readers of the model RFP will provide their own samples from their acquisition experiences, enabling this document to become even more useful to other courts in the future.

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